nothing more high class then buying beer with a handful of quarters. I pulled up, stumbled up to the door. The chinese/korean man that owns it was outside talking to some guy when he sees me come make my usual purchase of malt liquor.

I’ve probably bought thousands of 40’s from this guy throughout the last year i’ve lived in this hell hole. He’s seen me so high that i couldn’t count out enough money…he’s seen me so drunk that i can’t figure out how to open the door and end up doubling over in laughter cuz of it.

I really gotta wonder what this guy thinks of me. Like everytime we do the nod, like “hey whats up” thing but i really wonder if he’s like “fuck, here he comes again”….i mean i always pay him and everything…he probably loves me….bet little johnny has a Mustang cuz of me…

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