it took you, to make me realize! it took you to make me ralize!

my good friend tonya brought to mind a certain memory i had once. I was at Neils, just finished singing some karoke and my friend Angie and her friend eat a huge basket of hot wings. i really wish i could remember the name of angie’s friend but the lack of sleep and…whiskey is probably not helping….


her friend was picking through these wings, sucking the chicken off the bones, sauce all over her face, hands and even a little on her neck. She’s smiling, laughing, drunk as shit, just chowing down on these wings. Wing after greasey wing, goes in and out of her mouth as she picks and sucks the meat from the bone.

I stare for about 15 minutes, like memorizing every detail for later masturbation session. Finally, she finishes her basket of wings, leans back in her chair, her tight t-shirt showing her erect, satisfied nipples and exclaims how good those wings were.

how good they were…

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