it’s your fault

haha so a week ago i took 2 of ian’s aim friends up to hard rock with me. I ended up dragging them to Wet Willies for a call a cab.

I got drunk, updated my site, said some stuff i shouldnt’ have said, same old, same old, happens all the time.

So i end up having some pure grain alcohol mixed with some fruit slushee and i start saying weird shit when we get home. At one point Stacey called me “bad” and i pulled up my sweatshirt, rubbed my nipple and said “yeah, call me bad again”. We all get drunk, shit happens.

So they were asking ian about it and wondering if toad gets drunk and acts weird a lot.

Ian says “Look, you remember in Gremlins when they feed Gizmo after midnight? Thats what you did, you fed Gizmo after midnight.”

That’s my new metaphor for when people give me alcohol. “Yeah well you remember Gremlins, well, i’m like Gremlins, but with alcohol”.

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