A few days ago i logged into and i could only edit certain parts of the site. great, something broke. Then i can’t login at all.

I ask it to email me my password. It smiles and says “we don’t have your email address in the database”. My website was telling me it’s never heard of me before.

I figure, okay, time to upgrade the program i use to edit it. It can’t get anymore fucking broken. I couldn’t post to the site, so i might as well climb under it and start pulling on wires until it works.

After upgrading, i still can’t login, and now the picture on the front of the page is broke. Guess it could get “more not working”.

I finally get the admin username, which somehow changed, by doing all kinds of fun stuff with telnet, mysql and phpmyadmin. I can login. Barely anything works and i think there are 2 different versions of the administration directory…

Best part is the permission denied errors on one of the admin directories….theres something really fucked up about not being able to delete something on your own site….i hate computers

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