uh oh

hehe so im sitting at my computer, jamming to some shoutcast.com, reading k10k.net, like i do every morning at work and i hear a knock.

a well dressed black woman is in my doorway and asks where the former occupant of my office is. I tell her i think their downstairs, we both smile at each other and she leaves.

about a hour later i hear footsteps again behind me and she’s like “you know i had my heart set on this office”. I laugh and tell her it’s all about the windows and she says “it’s okay, i forgive you”.

have the worst feeling im gonna be walking out to my car for lunch later and get jacked by people wanting my office…

scoutmastertoad: guess their in the office next to us, now it makes sense
scoutmastertoad: we snagged that shit like 2 days before they did haha
scoutmastertoad: gonna be walking out to lunch and get hit by a folding chair
scoutmastertoad: wake up in the hallway surrounded by all my stuff

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