they always win in the end

hmmm 2 speeding tickets in 2 days…$60 x 2 = $120….both times pulled over within a block of where 2 people were killed in a drive by shooting….each time i almost get shot by the cop pulling me over because i have to open my door(since my window won’t roll down thanks to someone trying to steal my stereo).

If the Memphis Police Department wants me to kill myself, their about 1 more speeding ticket away. I just hope the cop that gave me a 45 in a 35 on fucking Lamar is the officer called to the scene when they find my dead body hanging in my apartment. He’ll walk in, find the little note pinned to my shirt, explaining that the memphis police finally convinced me to kill myself and that they won.

I think tommorow im just going to work from home since obviously some karmic forces have been thrown off. Tonight i shall sit quietly in my apartment, not bothering any law enforcement or the rest of humanity.

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