ian, if your reading this

fucker, buy some goddamn soap for the bathroom. I’ve bought the last 2 bars. Well i didn’t buy the last bar cuz my parents brought me a bar after i told them what i was using instead.

Now i’m telling everyone, Ian. Telling everyone our dark little secret.

We’ve been using Dawn in the shower instead of real soap. Blue Dawn, i figure it since it says antibacterial….if it’s good enough to get the stuff that i wash my dishes with, it’s good enough to clean me?

I’m just afraid this will turn into a regular fixture. Like the huge stack of Chick Filet napkins and the pint glasses from Young Avenue Deli. People will eventually start asking serious questions.

I’m gonna buy my own bar and hide it after every use. That way my soap will last twice as long and i won’t smell like Dawn.

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