my day.txt

hmm okay, lets start this from the beginning….

9:15am: toad hits the snooze bar for the horetenth time, we must get out of bed, we must code websites

9:35am: wonder where ian is..oh well, we smoke 2 bowls and play disc 2 of the wall….everything is okay

11am: we are in a meeting with one of our most important clients….i assure him that everything is moving on really well. It knida is…my hangover is almost gone, i find out what he wants from the website and put it on the menu for tommorow. I like meetings

noon: i roll into the bartlett office, talk to my dad’s co-workers, embarass him even more and prepare for next meeting

1:15pm: i eat my first meal, which is diet v8 splash and a balance bar. my hands shake while i buy this

1:30pm: most important meeting in my life. I try to talk more, since last meeting client made fun of me for not talking enough. Probably talked too much. Hope they sign proposal. Probably not.

4:30pm Drunk, no reason not to…with your empty smiles and your hungry hearts…you better run run run run run

9:45pm I call a girl i’ve had a crush on for 2 weeks….she’ll probably never even hear about my site but it was sad enough to update about….i go home alone

11:something: We go to neils. I drink on the way there. i should have been pulled over. Was waiting for the worms to come

12:00 Waiting, to cut up the firewood, waiting to go to the city, waiting to put on a black shirt, waiting to mash the potatoes, waiting…

1am: Start trying to update site…must keep drinking whiskey or the worms…ian is playing some game on the computer…not even responding to my drunken pink floyd lyrics….ex girlfriends are msging me…i keep drinking…god all i have to do is follow the worms

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