nothing like having your power go out during a game of warcraft….

i paced around the apartment for about 20 minutes, left, picked up food and beer and came back and started up the laptop. When i was at the gas station buying beer, i tried to score some free cigerettes from the marlboro guy there. Only thing is he wants me to buy a pack and he’ll give me 4 packs after. I say “no dice, just gonna stick to my beer” and the cop turns his head up and stares.

I got in the car and started laughing and wish i had said “just stick to the pot” instead..

Weird thing was when i got back, i called this phone # on the back of my fucking $137 utility bill for “outages” and put in my phone number when it asks me my location. About a 10th of a second after i hang up the phone the power comes back on. Did i just reboot something with my phone #? Anyone work for mlgw?

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