Motavation in a thong.

i told him ian told me to invite him

good thing i didn’t

*looks at empty baggy*

god like….everyone use your imagation for this. Toad dressed in a $20 suit, which i told many people, is the same cost of a bag og schwag. Thus naming it, my schwag suit.

Ken is dresed in, okay let me describe this. This isn’t just funny for me cuz everyone ian or i bring it up we start laughing. We pull up to Ken’s house and he’s standing on the hill of his front yard, in complete darkness, outstretching a arm pointing to his driveway. I’ve tried in several sentences, then deleting, what Ken looked like at this moment. Now Ken is about 6’7″, with a goatee of 3 prongs. Dressed in all black, weird little black top hat. Looks like Kid Rock but really pissed off. My untrained mind is not enough to describe Ken.

Anyway…..we go to the strip club, nothing really happens, the end? Haklsdfhalkhalkhalskhahalksdjflasj haha. Poor brandon sits alone for 10 minutes until he sees us..he said he really felt dirty sitting alone in platinum…i agreed and offered him any of 3 different bottles…

I almost need another website to talk about Platinum Plus experiences that i’ve had. I’ve learned from Platinum that i am a white heterosexual male and that i need to get a job that pays a lot. I can’t describe what a refreshing feeling platinum is.

Motavation in a thong.

A lot of people will tell you that strippers are ugly. I’m here to tell you a lot of them are. The whole “problem” with strip clubs is the alcohol. If you couldn’t drink there, then we wouldn’t be the ONLY people in the entire club with 3 bottles of alcohol we BROUGHT in. Last night was a Monday too. People made eye contact with us and just knew we weren’t fucking around.

I really need to get a picture of Ken for this.

This morning started really pretty bad. It’s not a good morning when you wake up and you have 13 new voicemails. In fact, when it’s 2pm, it’s not morning anymore.

You were asleep during morning toad.

I stumble to the shower making apoligies, that i’ll be there in a minute. I suddenly remember last night in one big second and Ian told me i was singing Ludacris – Get Out The Way while i was taking a shower.

After a muscle relaxer, a beer that i stole from a client’s fridge, and several hours of troubleshooting, i am going to bed.

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