oh god, i’ve gone and done it again

ugh i need to learn to keep my fucking stoned mouth shut sometimes.

I was at a quick-e-lube place today to get my oil changed today. Now a minute before, and picture this in your head, i’m driving down the road, screaming at the top of my lungs to Gin And Juice being played on 107 and smoking. When i pass this one car, this huge black man looks over and starts laughing. Must have been listening to Hot 107 too…

I have trouble pulling into one of the little bays cuz he opens a different door then the one i pulled up to. I let the oil guy do it, he sees the crackhore sticker and says “Did too many drugs today?” and i smile and say “well, no hard drugs”. Then he gets in the car to pull it in and starts laughing. I break out my book and try not to look so obvious I come out to get my car and we start talking and he’s like “hey i liked what you were playing in there, we were listening to that”. Had Tool Aenima in the cd player. I tell him, doesn’t sound like he’s heard of them and i’m like “hey you should check out my site.” I point at the sticker say “yeah you’ll probably be on after the way i pulled in” I try to explain my site further, end up telling him. I drive off, laughing to myself.

Later on i start thinking. Can you imagine changing someone’s oil with crackhore stickers on it and then have them tell you that you’re probably going to be on it must be pretty fucked up….ugh oh well

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