another 201 poplar update

i always feel a urge to update after going to court to pay speeding tickets…it’s almost worth the court costs just to be able to stand in line and force everyone around me to talk to me….after 20 minutes in any line in the south you’re gonna start having a conversation…it’s inevitable…

i woke up around 7:45 this morning…a ex girlfriend laying in bed with me…..after having sex, smoking a little pot, i get up, rush into the shower and off to court we go…again…

as i drive to court i realize that a lot of black people are doing exactly what i’ve been doing the past 24 hours. There were hundreds of black people in hard rock last night old school sunday, they all probably went home, like me, drank more, etc and woke up next to a ex girlfriend….

then they had to wake up, just like me, still all fucked up, put on some nice clothes and roll on down to 201 poplar. I go through security, go to district III and see the huge line. I’m still really fucked up at this point and in a really manic kind of mood so i’m just waiting for the chance to talk to anyone.

I end up talking with the old black woman behind me and the gangsta looking brother in front of me. The white guy behind the old woman turns up every once in a while and then turns away, like if to say “not happy” in a subliminal way…

Anyway, i’m one of those people that is too damn friendly for his own good. I used to love taking the train to new orleans cuz i would always have one meal where i would be really drunk and get to force 3 people to have a meal with me.

I love human interaction.

We all start talking about why we’re down there. The lady behind me was pulled over and given a $175 ticket cuz she didn’t have any liscense plates on her car. She just bought the car, was driving it home, gets pulled over and gets a ticket. Sure, she’ll get it dismissed but she had to get up at fucking 8am to do it.

This pisses me off. I’m already high as hell, really really manic and really really upset about our goverment. We continue talking, i keep making vague threats to our goverment, the guy in front of me laughs hysterically when i told him i was at old school last night.

We keep talking, the old woman keeps lecturing me about how i need to not speed and save my money, i keep laughing and talking about how it’s not my lifestyle to drive the speed limit… the guy in front of me, all Fubu’d out with a gold chain and his girl with him are dying laughing and almost everyone in line is turning to look at us…i can’t even describe how funny it was..

i go up to the judge, plead not guilty, walk out with court costs, pay my court costs from the last ticket, make a joke to the lady asking if i can get a bulk rate…she doesn’t laugh…i go home….

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