Dr Dre fixed my cable modem

cuz i don’t care, anymore, nothing can stop me now cuz i don’t care.

i don’t think i wrote about this but i definetely made a mental note to. Glad im doing it now. Tuesday Timewarner came out to fix my fucking cable modem. My internet has been the equalivant of a retarded kid dragging himself across a street by his teeth and i finally got them to come out.

I of course, forget they are coming out and neglect to hide the bongs, pipes and beer bottles that make up my “work desk”.

I hear a knock on the door at 2pm. I jump out of bed, run to the door and swing it open. Now everyone picture it in your head. Dude is about 6’2, black as the georgia sky, wearing a hair net with a TimeWarner stocking cap over it.

He’s wearing 2 hats.

I freak out for a second, wondering why the hell this huge black dude is knocking on my door and then i realize, oh, it’s the dude to fix my roadrunner..i think..

He comes in, i explain the problem and he rolls on outside to try to fix it. Comes back in a little bit later, tells me the problem, what he did to fix it, i shrug and say “i hate hardware” and he asks what i do.

I point to the bongs, the 2 monitors and all the empty beer bottles and proudly say “dude i just chill around here, serve up websites and smoke pot”. He starts laughing and goes “nawww dood, u smoke pot?” and i, being a good host and very grateful for my internet being fixed, asks him if he wants to blaze a bowl with me.

He laughs even louder, and this is my favorite part, asks if he can buy a joint off me. I sigh and tell him i’m down to my last bowl and that i’ve gotten 2 checks in 2003 so i’m hurting hard. He high fives me, says if i ever have any problems, to “holla at him”.

I can’t describe what he looked like well enough. This update has lacked. I should have took a picture, should have done anything.

I’m sorry 🙁

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