mmmm computers

mmmm monday morning, back in front of the computers where my frail body belongs….i helped brandon move this weekend and got a real wakeup call at how much exercise needs to be a regular part of my life again….

the futon was heavy…the bookcases were pretty heavy…the speaker was heavy too…the fish tank was the best part tho. We carried his huge fishtank, with a huge catfish named Killer in the bottom with about a foot of water left. I just stared wondering what it must be like to have your universe just being sucked through a tube. Brandon asks me what i think it would be like if i was driving home and a huge tube came down from the sky and started sucking up the universe.

brandon always likes to give me these doggy bags of fucked up shit to think of on the drive home.

We get the tank over to the new apartment, we both heave a sigh of relief, since neither the futon or the bookcase was actually alive. Or maybe the sigh of relief was just cuz it was really heavy…..

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