every once in a while when i get really drunk, i like to take out my AA book that the lady gave me on the plane to my miami trip. It’s really funny, or i guess kinda sad, that they say all alcoholics end in either death or insanity.

i think i’m starting to see which one im heading too.

Like i figure, with enough exercise, vitamins and milk thistle, i can live to the ripe age of maybe 45. By then i’ll had my fill of life and probably yearn for the sweet darkness of death.

But by then i’ll be so fucking crazy it won’t matter how old i am when i finally do die in some ditch, laptop clutched in arms. Before i used to think, naw, you drink too much, you die, that’s how it works. Now i’m starting to see what they mean by the insanity part tho.

Anyway, going on trip, be back in 2 days. I love all of u. I told u i was hardcore.

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