who wants to help me build my own vineyard? i figure i have this huge backyard, a few months left on a lease…i could have mad wine then…would be much cheaper then plowing through $40 worth of wine in 48 hours…

well it’s 7am…probably a little too early to start drinking again…god knows it’s not stopping me tho….time to open photoshop up and get back to it.

yesterday, my main work computer, Armand, decided he wasn’t going to work with Photoshop, the program i pay rent with. This pisses me off. I walk into my bedroom, pick up LeStat and walk back into the living room. I look at Armand, scream “If you don’t want to work here anymore, i’ve found someone else who does!” and set LeStat down.

After hours of troubleshooting i could have spent working on the design, armand works again….

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