gawd 8am…eating hot wings, listening to Love Buzz on repeat, after being woke up my drunk ass roommate at 7:30 when he came home from the bar.

after trying desperately to fall asleep to a simpsons episode, i go back into the living room, heat up some wings and start Thursday.

Lets recap wednesday in a few paragraphs. I woke up yesterday around noon, hungover as usual. I crawl out of bed, check email, check voicemail, probably drank or smoked pot.

On the way to the first meeting, i stop to buy some fig newtons and a 40 of Miller Lite on my dad’s company card. I figure they owe me. I drank half the 40 on the way to the first meeting, scarf down the fig newtons and go to my first meeting.

Turns out they were using a lowercase letter when they should have been using a capital one. That was worth the drive. And the $75 an hour i was charging them. Fuckers.

On my way to the next meeting, we have a lil pot and the rest of the beer. I finish the 40 in the client’s driveway, throw the bottle in his trashcan by the curb, eat some gum and go in. Normal meeting.

Drive home in terrible rush hour traffic, curse the entire human race on Airways Blvd and rot at computer for a few hours. Manda calls and asks if i’d like to partake in some dinner type activities. After she buys me dinner, we head up to the evil bar(s) my roommate works at.

Blurry, blurry, wake up at 7am like “omg”….wheeeee

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