I'll let the pics talk but Cullen's apartment definetely reminded me of my old apartment. The empty Natural Light boxes in the kitchen, clothes strewn everywhere in the bedroom, random things taped to the wall.

It kinda made me homesick.

Anyway, Cullen shows off his new nitros tank, which will probably land him in jail someday. I want a nitros tank 🙁

Anyway, we're sitting there watching a dvd and Cullen's ferret, named Wainch, jumps up on his keyboard and restarts his computer. Then a few minutes later, Wainch is chewing on Cullen's optical mouse card. He gets up, throws the ferret of the desk and sits down.

A few minutes later, Wainch is rebooting Cullen's machine again. This time Sek says he could have sworn he flicked us off when he did it. It was almost like ferrets had all the negative aspects of both dogs and cats….haha

Anyway, we finish our 40's, and I eat another hydrocodone for the drive home.

Pics courtesy of Sek. Word to sek.

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