gawd it all started when i went downtown for point2point’s graduation from the incubator. The incubator is a office in downtown that my dad was renting a space out of for a few years and when we move out it’s considered graduating. Yah it’s weird.

Anyway, like any event that the incubator throws, it has lots of wine. I was the first one there, last to leave and had a glass of wine in my hand th entire time. Mayor Wharton gave a little speech which was really intresting, more wine, more wine, more wine. They start cleaning up after the party, im ordered by one of the ladies at the incubator to “finish off the rest of the wine”, which i try very very hard to.*holds back vomit*

I smoke a cigar on the drive home, thankfully not getting pulled over, since im now deep into Merlot haze. I get home and then Alex stops by with a brown bag in one hand. I laugh outloud, as he pulls out the huge bottle of Hanger 1. Everyone mixes their drinks, i decide to see what the green koolaide and hanger tastes, with success.

We put a huge dent in the bottle and head up to Melange. I havn’t looked at the pics yet. I’m kinda scared. So many glasses of beer consumed. Alex buys me dank beer after dank beer, Colleen has a confrontation with a cook when she was trying to find the bathroom. Blurry drive home, pizza ordered and fear in loathing in the dvd player.

I wake up this morning, my ear infection from a week later, still throbbing, a constant reminder that it fucking hurts. God, anyway, i go to the doctor this morning at the hospital and get some more crazy antibiotics to try to kill it. While waiting in the examination room, i get bored and start going through drawers. In the bottom drawer i find a box of plastic disposable speculums.

I move the cellphone to the right pocket and the speculum takes it’s place in the left pocket. The doctor looks at my ear, says yes it’s infected and writes me a prescription and i walk out. I make it to the parking lot before the full out laughing hits.

Colleen sees me on the floor laughing earlier, snapping it open and closed. She said that noise is the reason all women are crazy. I sat down and really thought about it, like the inserting and the spreading. God this update is going out of control.

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