like you give a fuck

this site is missing it’s memorial day pics…which will be up tommorow or this weekend…this site is missing, well, you name it……

you gotta fucking understand…shit is broke on this website…it sucks…theres content missing…theres pics missing…life sucks, my site sucks, our goverment sucks….no one gives a fuck, i sure don’t….

oh well, the comments section will be fixed whenever it gets fixed….cuz i don’t care, got it?

today i woke up around 2pm, ate a orange, walked to the part, sat under a tree by the lake and eat 2 apples, a piece of string cheese and a can of Busch….fell asleep, woke up a hour later…walked home….

god loves us all

walking home i had a client call and tell me that she was intrested in paying me for me 11 hours of work.

mad pot.

mad ho’s

toad = not playing

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