ugh market solutions assholes

god i get a phone call from market solutions in florida. They ask me if they can ask me a few questions about my banking and financial planning. It being 6pm and already on my 2nd drink, i exclaim “sure!”

I alt tab to winamp, load up The Beautiful People and put it on repeat. He starts asking me yes or no questions about what banks i think of when i think of investing, etc. I answer yes and no very quickly, almost as if i wasn’t thinking about the question!

I then grab the bong and start taking bong hits against the phone. Huge coughs, Manson still screaming, i yell “HEY DOOD, U WANNA HIT THIS?” and then say back to the phone “oh hey sorry man, what’d you say again?”

The Manson gets turned up louder, more bong hits, paying less and less attention to my new friend who is really intrested in if i have any IRA’s.

He finally hangs up when i go into a 3 minute coughing fit. 🙁

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