Cracktoad on……Sleep

Thats why almost everything i do, all day long, is just to tire me out so i can go back to bed. Sleep, mmmm, i smile just thinking about it. Like everyone can relate, one more hit of the snooze bar, a few more minutes in perfect bliss, numb to everything, ego completely absent.

I laid in bed this morning thinking that everyone i know enjoys sleep more then they really suspect. Those same people also are probably as terrified of death as anyone. It seems so confusing….how can you be afraid of something as wonderful as sleep? Such a paradox…

My only real fear is that i have to waste away in a hospital, full of tubes and drugs. Well the drugs sounds okay. Yup, once it looks terminal, give me a few weeks of supplies and drop me off in a pretty forrest. I'll die, some animals will eat my corpse and that's that.

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