ain’t nothin to fuck wit

scoutMASTERtoad: some weekend imma flip out and eat a bunch of meth and stay up for 3 days setting shit up like that, sleep for a day then wake up and bask in the glory of my web empire i created all cracked out on speed and blaring aphix twin
MahBizNizzle: and then it all began
scoutMASTERtoad: haha
MahBizNizzle: the second renaissance
scoutMASTERtoad: lol
MahBizNizzle: Toad
scoutMASTERtoad: god
scoutMASTERtoad: a name no one will forget
MahBizNizzle: a name that will never be forgotten
scoutMASTERtoad: rofl
scoutMASTERtoad: hahahahahaha
MahBizNizzle: hahaha

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