does the show go on….

hmm today started around noon when i rolled over and saw annie next to me. Last night we all drank, ian and i split a soma and we all slept till around 3pm. another night at the crackcave.

anyway, after annie left i ate a anti-depressant my new doctor said “might help”. i figure at this point anything will. I wash it down with 2 cups of coffee and god knows how much THC.

about 2 hours later i’m starting to wonder if the 2523423 different drugs in my body may make it collapse in on itself mentally/physically. I’m editing php/mysql that my great friend cullen supplied me with, alternating from giggling like a molested schoolgirl to screaming along to System of a down.

im not really used to “uppers” as they are called so everything was hitting pretty hard by around 6pm. Work is almost done, im so manic i can barely even type and i quit for the day. Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, update site, bed.

the moral of the story
corporations make really hardcore drugs.

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