i hate myself and i want to die

Well it’s now been a week without power or internet access. Suicide seems like the path now, considering i’ve moved all the computers and anything of worth out of the apartment since i found out my area won’t get power until this weekend. That will make it a total of 2 weeks that i’ve been without power and the life giving Internet that comes with it.

I hope i have a nice funeral.

The checking account is dwindling since Internet access is kinda a requirement when making websites so im getting kinda worried about food money, gas money, rent money, etc. Since all of Memphis has been basically destroyed, any future clients i had my eyes on are now more worried about damage to their business, etc.

Dont spend a lot of money on flowers, etc.

This whole time i’ve slept on 4 different couches so far, spent lots of quality time with Marla and basically roamed around Memphis looking for new places to stay. This doesn’t sound unless you know that

a) my mp3 player doesn’t work because the assholes at Xtreme Auto fucked up my install.
b) my driver side window doesn’t roll up because Memphis has a really bad crime problem, this letting water pour in while i drive, another plus

Im not going to even mention the bald ass tires because hydroplanning really isn’t that bad if you have music but fuck….

This will probably be the last update for a while considering the vices that im now dealing with. God bless you all and next time you turn on a light, cook food, refridgerate food or anything involving electricity, think of me.

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