Camping Diaster 2003

We buy our beer at the America Store gas station, which i thought was kinda funny since it was a pseudo Arab behind the counter. I was amused that a gas station in MS sold blunts, scales and just about anything else you'd need to do drugs.

We get to the camp ground, unpack all the shit, and start drinking. The sun goes down, Andy and Dave's friend Sam shows up, more drinking. Suddenly the sky darkens and the rain comes down. We stumble around, drunk and high, desperately trying to assemble our shanty town with a tarp. It is severely hindered by toad's lack of soberiety.

Then came the mushrooms.

Nothing like a head full of domestic beer and shrooms out in the middle of the woods to get you thinking. Andy added more and more to my paranoia telling me that “Angry Tiki” was going to come out of the woods and get me.

We sat by the roaring fire, listening to music and having a relatively peaceful time when we realize we don't have enough wood to make it through the night.

Im terrified by the idea of the warmth and love of the fire going out. Sam and Dave leave to find the ranger to see if we can buy more wood. The return empty handed. We start foraging for dry wood to keep the fire going. This is a lot harder because of the drugs.

Finally we decide that the best course of action is to try to shear the broken limbs off the trees near by. This works fairly well, pulling down 1-2 limbs and adding to the fire until the rope that we have Dave's boots on gets wrapped up on a branch about 20 feet in the air.

Not win.

I finally stumble back to my car after dispersing Seroquel to all those who want to go to sleep. I climb into my car since i was too fucked up to setup a sleeping bag/tent and slam my door. This is when my driver side window shatters, spraying glass all over a very surprised and very tripping toad. The irony of this is if i would have spent the $70 to get the track on my window fixed. Now i have to replace the window and probably need to get some counseling after the broken glass scared the shit out of me.

Not win again.

I fall asleep wondering who im going to have to blow to get enough money to fix my window.

I wake up the next morning, curse my window and watch Andy and Dave throw a Mountain Dew bottle at the boots, still caught in the tree. I suggest they tie the rope to the truck and break the shoelace that's caught the boots. It works.

The moral of this story. If something is broken, fix it, immediately. Beg, borrow or blow to get the money cuz it'll eventually get you in the end.

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