tweaker boyfriends lynching swede

bjOrnfuegO: oh god lol
bjOrnfuegO: in mississippi
scoutMASTERtoad: uh oh
bjOrnfuegO: like cant remember exactly where
scoutMASTERtoad: don’t like the beginning of this story
bjOrnfuegO: i run out of cigarettes
bjOrnfuegO: no ID
bjOrnfuegO: so i go to like 8 places
scoutMASTERtoad: blowjob?
bjOrnfuegO: lol
bjOrnfuegO: no
bjOrnfuegO: looking for a vending machine
bjOrnfuegO: i guess MS outlawed them
scoutMASTERtoad: haha
bjOrnfuegO: so i had to get this girl with braces and daisy dukes to buy me cigs for $10 lol
scoutMASTERtoad: TOFhahahlahksdfhaha
bjOrnfuegO: she asked me what i was doing later 🙁
scoutMASTERtoad: hahalshdfklhaogm
bjOrnfuegO: a car full of them
scoutMASTERtoad: “eating your pussy later”
bjOrnfuegO: 3 of them
bjOrnfuegO: no
scoutMASTERtoad: hahahaha
scoutMASTERtoad: god thats so lol
bjOrnfuegO: they looked like ppl out of the val kilmer movie
scoutMASTERtoad: whoa
scoutMASTERtoad: hahaha
bjOrnfuegO: yeah they were buying mass quantities of OJ
scoutMASTERtoad: ROFL
scoutMASTERtoad: wow
scoutMASTERtoad: thats so lol
bjOrnfuegO: like a fucking case of the shit
bjOrnfuegO: i was so just like WTF?!?!?!?!?
scoutMASTERtoad: thats so awesome
bjOrnfuegO: i was waiting for a big mud truck to arrive full of the their tweeker b/f’s to show up and lynch me
scoutMASTERtoad: lol lol
scoutMASTERtoad: tweaker b/f’s and their trucks

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