Laptop Durability

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Subject: Laptop Durablity
I drank like 3 forties one night and was really really trashed typing on my NEC Versa LXI. This was like 2 years ago btw.

Anyway, i’m trashed, typing on aim when i feel my throat and mouth fill with that terrible terrible vomit that you only get with malt liquor.

Vomit spews out onto the keyboard, kinda near the directional keys and i instantly try to save the laptop.

I clean it off, boot it up, it’s acting crazy, im bout to cry. Anyway, to make a long story short.

It dries out and a few days later it’s working great. Now that was a year ago and it’s still owning hardcore.

Thank you NEC for making a vomit proof laptop that fufills the demand for alcoholic webdesigners across the globe.

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