you may have noticed a few posts are gone. it doesn’t matter since none of them were funny or intresting.

the reason they are gone however is funny AND intresting.

i had to move crackhore from the old server it was on at my dad’s office. I move the files, and database and everything else to the new server and considered it done.

Then i started to wonder, it sure is taking a long time to load the content. I shrug it off and go back to work on another site that actually makes me money.

Two weeks pass and im still like “wait, it can’t be loading this slow”, so i check the config file for the crackhore content database and it’s still pointing to the old server…on the other side of the country.

So when you were loading crackhore the past 2 weeks, you’re loading the images and bullshit from one server, then the server had to scream to the database server to pull the content up.

i wonder if that made any sense to anyone else.

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