uh oh

i woke up around 10pm….pretty good for me, sat at computers a few hours…didn’t get high…was pretty proud of myself…..then my friend lizzy from new orleans calls me and asks if i’ll hangout with her friend who’s in town.

for some strange reason, instead of wake and baking, i eat a chocolate shroom fish and drink 2 Coors on the way downtown to her hotel. This was probably not the wiset plan in retrospect.

now i hide my drugs well and the 2 beers kinda chilled me out enough to not really go completely crazy while driving her to the blue monkey. We play pool, i somehow win, over drinks, when her friend she’s sharing the hotel with. I drive her back downtown, shrooms coming on even harder at this point and somehow manage to drive home.

I get home and the drugs have definetely kicked in. Ian’s girlfriend has left her dog here, the tiny little weiner dog you’ve probably seen on this site before. YEah, kinda fucked up while tripping, i agree.

Then ian gets home with Brooks. Ian has bought a TV and tells me to put on my shoes cuz i gotta help him move it. Nothing like some physical labor to get the shrooms going.

going to go now

update later

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