yay im sane again

yay, i’d like to give a shout out to flexaril for being there last night when i couldn’t blink.

last night i lost total spacial awareness and depth perception. Then i went to my website meeting, trying to reteach myself out to talk.

but my substance abuse has nothing to do with what im updating for. by now you should have noticed if you’ve turned onto any website or tv, that our dear friend michael jackson has been raided.

when i first heard about it i laughed, clicked on the link and read. i’d like to admit to you all that i’m a little disappointed that a bunch of 13 yr olds with loin cloths and machine guns didn’t turn this into a Waco.

ranch sounds a lot like compound in my head.

best part is their saying it’s not for child “abuse”, they raided him for a “foreign exchange scandal”.

ugh could you imagine being one of the thousands of people that have to sift thru this guy’s huge ranch and theme park. bet they’re gonna find all kidns of goodies.

see the worst part is i kinda feel sorry for him. millions of blogs being updated talking about michael jackson and how he’s a pedophile, etc. you gotta wonder tho, what if he’s not touching kids(anymore?) and he’s just so blacklisted that he’s kind of a target…..

stand strong, mr jackson. i have been accused of stuff before, even a situation kinda like this…but i think i’ll save that for another update cuz now it’s time to get some michael jackson mp3s

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