hate kill stab kill

fucking car won’t start. not enough gas. take brooks escalade to exxon, buy something to put gas in, buy gas, pump gas next 2 black dudes with cellphones bumping triple 6 and fueling their explorer.

vapors didn’t ignite.

fill honda back up via my new gas container. pick up marla,drop valerie off.

get home and brooks says “i took one of your sleeping pills but now i dont want to go to sleep”. she watches me eat handfulls of them, drink and sit at my computer. i tell her the computer is the key.

she packs her bag and her and reese leave.

my phone will ring at exactly 7:45am tommorow morning. we will attempt to discuss changes on his website.

the 2 forties ive drank should be sufficent to put me down for a few hours away from my precious insanity which is fueled by the internet.

i wish the rest of america would catch up on the over the counter sleeping pill addiction. the rest of you already like cigerettes and beer, just as me, why havn’t sleeping pills become “socially acceptable”.

okay, this update is over.

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