hi i make your website

okay a long time ago i made a website for my dad’s cycling group. you can all probably guess the name of that group since i accidently left it as a title in a update but i degress.

About a year ago the group kinda disbanded, their site expired.

One of the members bought the domain, contacted me, offering me money, to get the site up and running.

I copy, paste, upload, paste, paste, paste, upload. I find out when the club meets, and explain it to them.

the original place they were going to meet was garibaldis, the pizza place in germantown. Im like “cool, i can get free pitchers of beer since i hooked them up on their site”.

they tell me the next day that the meeting has been moved to a bike store(one of the teams sponsors). I show up, with my tablet and my tallboy of Icehouse and walk in.

Theres about 30 of them, all in their mid 40s, gray hair, all really lean. The guy that originally paid for the site introduces me, i open my beer and say hi and they talk about bikes for a while.

i then realize that my tablet’s wireless connection is working so i sit in the back, online, sipping my beer, waiting for my turn to talk about their site.

Finally i get the floor and they all turn to me. I walk them how to login the forum, etc, give them my email address if they have any questions. They all nod and deicde that it’s time to go eat.

We get to memphis pizza cafe and i order another beer, after depositing my empty tall boy outside. we drink lots of beer, i embarass myself and drove home. wish all my web meetings were like that……i guess they probably all will at some point……

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