worth noting

you couldn’t tell but i make money by making websites. i make them, talk to them over the phone or meet them at their office.

they don’t know im insane.

sometimes i get pushed into letting toad slip into michael. today was a good example.

i had a client that thought i was still located downtown, where i used to have a office, a year ago. she goes “oh well can i stop by your home?”

now i don’t have enough pictures up of this apartment at this point but this place isn’t suitable for my family to come by.

i wake up early, my bed feeling like a womb, after the “andy got out of jail” party that went way too late in the morning. I stumble into the computer room, clean up the rest of the trash out of the living room and computer room and try to make the place not look really bad.

she comes over, we talk, i sit indian style on the pink couch, take notes, everything goes better then expected, she thanks for me for letting her come into my home.

if only she knew.

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