went to the zoo today with valerie, tiffany and ryan.

i ate a piece of pizza, a 24 hour release xanax and a natural light before we leave.

zoo’s kinda depress me honestly.

every since my “trip” to the aquarium in new orleans, i now feel pity for all these poor animals, pacing back and forth like i do when im on the phone.

anyway, this one panther is chewing on a piece of bamboo that happens to be sticking thru the chain link fence. I reach in, grab the bamboo and shake it. The cat looks at me, i shake the bamboo more, it grabs it pulls it, i pull back more.

This is my kind of zoo.

I need interaction.

I think next time i go to im going to bring some presents for all the animals. Like a package of hotdogs or a little package of salami. Give those panthers some incentive to play.


We go into another one of the exhibits(can’t remmeber which, xanax style). Theres literally hundreds of kids running around, we leave after a few minutes.

As soon as we get outside, Tiffany goes “gawd those kids were driving me nuts, i had to get out of there.” I go “omg yeah, all those kids running, my nipples were so hard, was starting to go a little crazy too.” Valerie says it’s a good thing im a cute and we continue.

Relationships are all about give and take. I take little children and valerie gives umm buys me dinner sometimes.

Another update that should have ended a paragraph early.

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