i can’t even begin to update about the abuse i put my body thru last night and today so i’ll start when i woke up on my floor, the DVD menu for Finding Nemo on loop, loud as fuck, at 6am.

turned off tv, climbed into bed.

went to ihop. tried to eat, shook instead. drank 2 pots of coffee.

when i was leaving i told her the hangover kinda ruined the meal and i was just here for the coffee. she says the breakfast menu is a bad idea when hungover, to go with club sandwich next time.

gave her a nice tip.

riteaide is my next stop, for beer, coffee and shaving cream.

i wonder if im a adult.

anyway, i get the counter, lady actually id’s me. i ask her if she’s new cuz everyone in that rite aide has seen me at my best and at my worst and don’t normally even ask for the id anymore.

“yeah, you come in late at night usually, for beer right?”

“yup, thats me”

someone forward this post to info@riteaide.com

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