new orleans with valerie

we were about 3 miles from the train station and we realize we forgot something VERY important. important enough to go back for. we make the decision to go try to test fate and do a uturn.

my driving wasn't swift enough and the train pulled away as we made it to the station.

sadness, anger and frustration.

we eat breakfast, i eat a handful of sleeping pills and wake up and leave with ian and brooks. i drift in and out of existance the whole drive there, the pills and alcohol working very well.

trying to sum the whole week of insanity is kinda difficult…..going to the aquarium and ripley's believe it or not while on drugs was definetely a story for the grand kids.

the one thing that was probably the funniest and yet of course we dont' have a pic, was when we were walking to Cafe Roma and i noticed some gutter punk kid asleep on the curb.

i think “aww how i miss new orleans”. Then the police show up and start nudging the guy in the throat with their flashlights trying to wake him up. Dude still isn't moving. Then i notice the camera man and the guy pointing. They're filming Cops in New Orleand and we're watching it live.

The dude finally sits straight up, spends some time with the medics and the police, firefighters and camera crew go off to deal with real emergencies and things that get better ratings.

When we were walking out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not this tarot card reader started trying to hit us up for. We sit and talk with him for like 45 minutes before he realizes we have no cash.

mad pwned.

I got a pic of his sign for the next time.

Now we gave out a lot of stickers while there, so if you're one of those shopkeepers who happened to get one of our NO W stickers then i appreciate your support *wink*

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