so not moderation

So last week i was hanging out with valerie’s friends, enjoying a quiet evening at the apartment. We’re all sitting around, watching tv, having a few drinks and light discussion. I casually mention how i have about 30 minutes after each meal before the shaking comes on. They laugh to themselves and then say “wait are you serious, do you think you have a problem?” My response is that the only problem is when im not drinking or not asleep.

So after that i decided imma be a little more professional with my drinking for a change. Wait that came out wrong. Anyway, i decided im going to try and only drink after 6pm, the end of the business day. Then after 6pm i can eat all the sleeping pills and drink all the beer i want.

Problem is 6pm rolls around and i drink 3 forties, washing down the 3 unisom and i wake up out in the front yard. It’s like i calculate how much alcohol i should have drank during the day and cram it all in at once. Dunno if this is better or worse.

“St Patricks day, a very special holiday, where most ethnic groups need a entire month to celebrate their heritage, the Irish only want one day where they can be drunk” – Tom

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