i roll out of bed at 9:20am, grab the half empty glass of wine(or half full) and head to the shower. the water echos in my hangoverness, i stumble out, dry hair and put on my favorite meeting shirt.

i walk out the door, full glass of wine now and shuffle towards car, briefcase in one hand, glass of merlot in the other.

my neighbers across the street, very respectable looking, probably christian, give me the “more then 10 second stare” which usually warrants me to say something.

i lift my wine glass, say “good morning!”, get in my car and drive off. i carefully drive in the opposite direction so they can’t get my liscense plate #.

i was thinking while i drove to my meeting, it’s true when they say wine makes you more dignified alcoholic. i don’t know many people who can drive stick shift with a glass of wine in one hand.

my meeting went okay…..not a win but not a loss….i walk back to my car, slightly upset that it didn’t go as well as it could have, pick my glass of wine off the floorboard of my car, take a sip and drive home.

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