was driving down Sanga with Valerie today, a very fun road which in my youth i drove around with carelessness, which i take great joy in navigating at the most dangerous speeds possible.

a tow truck driver pulls in front of me and procedes not to take the sweet sexy corners of Sanga in which they were meant to be driven

this angers toad deeply.

how dare this tow truck driver hinder my favorite street of all greater memphrica.

we go another 30 years, i’m almost in tears about the lack of speed my car now has.

now in 3rd gear.

more anger.

then we see a Accord in the ditch to the right of us. this is not a common thing to see on the side of the road but people fuck up and slide off the narrow 2 lane roads.

then we see the windshield, totally smashed in, the front of the car totally compacted into the rest of the car, resulting from the impact with the driveway that ran across the ditch.

then we see the balding man, climbing out of car, blood covering his shirt, arms and hands. several cars are pulled over but no one seems to be helping him.

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