the cat got out :(

so last night at 3:30am steve asks me if the cat, named Lil Freaky, is in my room. I look around, say nope. He searches the house for a while, i watch tv, he says “naw he had to have gotten out and we didnt’ notice”

we walk around the block looking for him, whispering “Lil Freaky” and various cat calling noises.

i am very very depressed since i’ve accidently let cats out before. i ask god why is this happening today.

steve and i do the block and meet in the alleyway where i see something(props to wes) in the alleway. yup, definetely a cat. has to be our cat. we both close in and it darts by me.

i give chase. he flies by me.

i am really drunk.

the cat disappears.

steve and i walk home in sadness, talking about how he’ll probably come back, etc. he has good instincts, he obviously knows the area, no big deal, he’ll come back.

we get home, say goodnight and as i walk into my room, we see him sitting in the chair. he’s been hiding somewhere the whole time.

that means that the cat we cornered in the alleyway behind the house was another cat that looked like him.

stop laughing.

i lay back down to bed, it’s now 4:30am. I have no car, no meetings, no life, no hope, and sleep till noon. Steve had to be awake by 8.

damn cat.

i still can’t believe we’re walking around midtown calling for “freak”, walking all up in people’s driveways, chasing cats that arn’t ours.

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