Party At Greenstar Automotives

this was fucking weird.

brad got invited to a party that his friend, i can’t remember her name, or what she looks like, was bartending at.

we show up, all of us really wondering what the fuck is going on.

he has a huge blow up purple gurilla. thing is like 2 stories tall. it was holding a banner but i can’t remember what that said either.

the crowd was pretty diverse. brad was the only black man there besides this really funny old black dude who was working “security” at the door, making us all sign a petition, which we weren’t sure what it was a petition for, but he forced us to sign it and put on nametags.

this was already weird and we hadn’t even gotten in.

the only other real group of people there was a bunch of mexican looking thugs, all standing in a semi circle, talking quietly. they looked like people who raced cars. sek decides that one of them is hector and he will race him later.

another thing to mention was the 2 children running with balloons. i hate being fucked up around kids. sometime throughout the party on one of my many trips up for more PGA goodness, i found a pair of what look like children’s glasses.

brad puts them on. i put them on. they go home with me. now im starting to think that those probably belonged to one of the kids and i stole them, marla style.

*sigh* can’t take me anywhere anymore.

Anyway, they had this HUGE cooler filled with icecream, pga, vodka and all other fruit juices which tasted soooo good. Several were consumed and shit starts getting hazy.

the problem was i had alrady had 2 rum and waters and a 40 which Sek gracefully bought for me when he brought over the KMFDM dvd.

now im drinking pga.

this can’t go well.

so last night was a night of 2 firsts.

i’ve never been to a party at a used car lot and i’ve never thrown up at a used car lot either.

we left soon after that.

and went to Neils for beer. only thing i remember about that was evil Ken showing me the 3 knives he carries on him at all times. good ole evil ken.

well that was my saturday night. a night of puking, car lots and knives. i hope you all had a wonderful saturday. it’s now sunday, i just puked again.

time to rehydrate for sunday evening

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