Bastards Brawl = Success

welp, the party went over successful.

now im ripping the video of the fights.

i have a 10 gig .mov file.

i still have to do a lot of editing, stay tuned.

by the way, every link on this website is probably broken, just like poor matt’s leg. Matt broke his leg at the fights. He was wearing a Got Hore? shirt. I almost pissed myself with laughter when i saw him in the ring refeering. Everyone staring like “what is”

Anyway, Matt went to the emergency room at 10pm, the Methodist hospital on Union. Still blazing the crackhore shirt.

He said every nurse running the graveyard shift was like “oh my god, where did you get there that shirt?”. wants to give a shout out to all the nurses at Methodist Hospital for taking care of Matt for me.


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