Why black people do not like Batman

Batman….the superhero..comic book guy, is not the hero we have been lead to believe…
No sir, in fact, a resonable person with just a casual glace over the material and see what i see.
That Batman…is a sex offender.

O.K…let us look at the facts. Bruce Wayne. young , good looking rich guy, fights crime with youthful ward, to avenge his parents deaths aty the hands of criminals.

Let’s be real here….I live in Memphis, if there was some rich,white, good looking , young guy living on the edge of town , with no one but his old english butler, and a slew of teenage boys.
Who also dresses up like a bat..at night.
Questions would be raised, lawsuits filed, and Court T.V, is smiling.

I mean the only women he was ever really into were criminals, who he turned in.
Also, the idea that Batman gets all this cool equipment, and Robin is more or less running around in elf boots, a cape, and a tee shirt, and his underwear…..come on…..connect the dots America.

The two of them alone..in that dark cave…neverland ranch?

For that matter….now that ya think about it….what kind of guy takes a half nekkid kid to fight ARMED criminals…..put down your hand Sek…you too Andy.

So i think we have all learned something here.
I think that after this we can all agree…Crackhore.com needs a midget in a robin outfit to be it’s mascot.
Thank you, good night, I love you…Don’t Stop thinking about tommorrow!

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