Birthday post script

Kelligirl rocks!!!!!!!!

Oh my god……post birthday recovery….the room just stopped spinning and fuzzy memories ….but one fact remains…..Kelligirl rules.

O.k… I know this blows any chance I have for seeking public office , but kelli is a very old dear friend of mine who now lives in Austin , tx.
She from miles away…made this birthday rock…..i will not say how, but proxy blow jobs rule.
What I will say is , I am lucky to have a friend like Her.
Wes, Toad, Freak, Bone, Barry, Ralph, Tosha,Newjack, Slaw, Giggles, Meggy mae, Monsta,Hot tub, Dusty.
I am lucky to have you Bastards too.

Thanks to Matt for the day off.

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