how i view the world

a big mouthful of apathy.

today was the first day i’ve been back in my real life. i woke up, i got high, i listened to Failure, showered, shaved and went to the office. i went to chick filet, ate, dan at the office gave me $20 if he buys i’ll fly. beer #1.

on the way to the office, cruising down sam cooper in the mustang, i realized it’s been a month since i’ve been able to go back to my thursday routine. anyway, ive been picking up on little details about the way other people drive and comparing it to myself and my life.

on sam cooper, a popular highway in memphis, there are 3 lanes. 2 of the lanes had water in them, i don’t know where the water came from. i stayed in the middle lane, splashing thru the water with apathy that even a sock drawer would admire.

i notice a ford focus behind me, drastically moving from the far right lane to the far left, just to avoid the water, the look of pure panic in his eyes that his focus could get water splashed on it.

the thought never crossed my mind to avoid “water”. i mean maybe if it was acid or gasoline, i would have went to the trouble of driving around it.

but it’s fucking water.

everyone stop caring.

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