every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

it’s weird driving past parts of Poplar you’ve wrecked previous cars on in your new car. seeing the broken glass at the telephone pole that almost ended all the pain of living.

well it’s monday again. a long weekend of doing absolutely nothing, watching dvds and drinking. now im at the office, hands shaking, wondering how long it will take before i should force myself to eat.

mondays are so much more depressing for self employed people. i remember the feeling on mondays, like “well, gotta do what i gotta do” and would drag myself to work.

now it’s “time to hopefully find work, do the work, and not get fucked around”. oh well, tired of building other people’s empires when i need to start on my own.

i can’t believe i started quoting semisonic in updates. that’s a really bad sign.

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