Election Cover 2004 – Debate 1

well i managed to catch a little of the debates last night. It seemed funny to watch the debates since i registered to vote yesterday morning.

After watching the hour of blinking lights and our commander in chief using great new terms like “ideology of hate” and of course “people who hate freedom”, i have a new respect for him.

Clinton let some chick blow him in the oval office and he got out of just by blurring the line of what “sex” is.

Bush invaded a country because of it’s oil, created a bunch of new buzz words to try describe pissed brown people that keep killing our soldiers. Let me get this straight for everyone. You cannot hate freedom. The more correct thing would be they hate “our freedom” that we are trying to cram down their throats.

My favorite part of last night was when Kerry used the 9/11 comission card on Bush. The “Iraq didn’t attack us, Afghanistan is still fucked up” line. It’s scary how many people who only watch local news and Fox think that we’ve already found wmd’s in iraq.

I don’t especially like Kerry. But they could have Hitler debating with Bush and i’d probably be pro nazi. At least Hitler had a plan. Bush needs to setup a bunch of “Freedom Camps” in Iraq where we “convert” the “haters of freedom”.

Like Bill Hicks said, just 2 puppets with 1 guy holding up both the puppets. The problem is one of the sock puppets has been punching me in the face for the last 4 years. Is Kerry lying to us? Probably, i hope he’s telling the best goddamn lies that his multi billion dollar campaign can come up with. He’s a politician, of course he’s lying, of course he’s gonna tell you what you want to hear, but fuck, Bush isn’t even doing that correctly anymore.

But it’s okay, election is coming up.

And if you’re worried about the war in Iraq, remember.

We have Poland.

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