A public service to Crackhore’s white readers part 4

First off let us note, that black people….”I hate africans..so i do not call myself african american”. have a political base with stong liberal ties..on issues like jobs and health care….but can be conservative on issues like abortion, or crime.

I am going to do this as best i can in a way that is completely honest to myself and hopefully will convey what has never really been said, in alot of circles.

We Hate you…we really hate you.

We hate you because you take everything of any beauty, save it for yourselves..then sell it cheap.
You and your ancestors, wheather they owned a slave or not, profited from a political and economic system designed to oppress one group of people.
Did you think we would just forget that?….think about it.
Do you understand what the word means….. do you?

You have a good life here….you live longer healther lives, you recieve the finest medical care the world has..
You have the best homes, your children the best schools, and your homes are in the safest areas.
You ..today, right now, enjoy a standard of living, than has ever existed, in the history of mankind…
No wars are fought on you natives soil…not anymore….all the whole world cares what you think.
You have all this..and still we hear you bitch, AND MOAN….about every little thing that did not go your way today.

You have everything..all of it..it belongs to white folks…Got that?…are you sure..

So here’s the funny part…you have the nerve to act surprised when we do not take off our hats for Pledge, or sing the anthem at the games.
Like we should be grateful for how we were forced to live here, in this country…by you.
You act as if we should be so grateful, and nice and friendly…when deep down you do not want us here.
That is a fact…..when we move in…you move out…you ran to the suburbs, and take you taxes out of the city, like a half eaten fruit , you then throw it to us and call it charity.

We hate you because we cannot forgive so much …..your police harass us..draft laws favored us going to fight in your wars, to profit you and other white people.

Let’s look at world war two man’s greatest struggle against tyranny…to free Europe….Europe?
The fact is that OUR grandfathers served in that war…AND EVERY OTHER WAR, FOR THIS NATION.
We were fighting to free people….but we were still niggers then, huh?
So what do we get for helping you out of another war….not much…later we were told, change is slow.
So even though we were angry, we tried it your way, and an exceptional man came along and used your own hypocritcal religion against you.
So you killed him.
Another used your laws, to try and fight for justice….you discredit him.
Another spoke out and said we should defend ourselves, you surpress and misrepeat his message.

We have never had it good here, we live shorter unhealthier lives, most are uninsured, we work longer hours and for less pay.
We go into the wars you start,…then we get to be american…after the war..after the olympics…back to being niggers.

We Hate hearing you lie to yourselves…that you believe in freedom, and that you love this country…if you are holding a rebel flag, then you are a liar.
You can say, and you can feel that that flag is a part of your heritage..and that is all you mean by it….fine i believe you..but do not be naive.
The fact is that the confederate states of america…was a faction of ..well….anti american traitors…who did in fact hate freedom….
Symbols are powerful, and label you with the common image that symbol envokes…..in other words..German kids are not told that dressing up like ss officers and saluting swastikas is a normal, and harmless expression of their heritage.
Same idea guys….just pouring salt in the wound, and you are just so damn brazen about it.

Wake up..this is as good as it gets…you are too blind to realize you are the snake that has eaten it’s tail.

You see from where i see it..were screwed…you saw to that..never had a chance ..not really….but you have a rough road ahead.
You see there’s this new thang called Latinos…and they got your number.
It’s all about population growth, and they got it..they pick alot of winners now…and soon they will bury you, and you’ll fall right after us, down near the bottom of the american dream…your fall will be far sadder than ours, for you will be faced with your actions..you’ll see what all those pesky minorities and liberals were crying about.
Yup, it’s your ass in 2104…you do not understand what we are talking about…just wait….soon the President will be a man of color, but his last name Sanchez, or Flores.
You are all going to learn what it’s like..you will know and your children will know this, because you are gready, and selfish, you seek power, and above all money…your most worshipped deity.
You ever oppress each other and smile and call it commerce.
But there is a saying, it goes, you meet the same people on the way up and on the way down…..and you better believe once the Latinoes take over a voting plurality in this nation heads are going to roll…
You will suffer this…did you do anything to deserve it….you as a person?…most likely no.
Alot of africans did not deserve to be slaves either, alot of jews did not deserve to be slaughtered…but they were.
You think we are going to forget, what you did, who you were…we will be ready…and we will not go quietly , or have any sit in’s that night…..
You think we will not be waiting for what’s left of you when your done exploiting each other.
Be mad at me if you like, but i am the one who tries and understand you people…and I can still feel it burnning at me, I hear the jokes you think i do not…I see you.
I know your hearts are evil…you cannot help your fate no more than we can help ours…All we can do is take you down with us before this nation dies.
Plenty of room down here guys…come on down.

You want to talk about patriotism, we fought and bled for this nation when it hated us, we worked and built it as slaves.
We pay the late fees, and clean your houses, we feed you and fight in your wars, we insulate you from the criminal enterprises you build , control, and profit from.
We even give you kids a cool catch phrase to say…or show him what to wear.
We Hate you because it seems as if we are all spiralling out of control, and you guys think everything is fine.

Look….the thing is…we want to try…but you have to understand..American does not mean the same thing to us, as it does to you..for good reason.
American was our first enemy..our former opressor..the land of the free….if you are a white , christian, strait, political moderate, male, from the age of 18-35
We will say the pledge when we are ready…..you have no right to speak on freedom………..

Geez….LSD is Bad…can’t wait to see this tommorrow………

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