the passion of cracktoad continues

**update NOV 20**

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Original Update
The passion of cracktoad continues today when toad is faced with his car which hates him. i have much respect for my enemy now that i have learned as much as i have today. i hate learning. I really need to learn more about cars because there is basic stuff that seems really obvious until someone tells you.


i take it to a Ford dealership. i tell him exactly what is going on. i use lots of adjectives, he had good notes, etc, etc. I agree with the said amount of money, $80 to do a full inspection. Just like any problem, im like “fine, this is what credit cards are for” so i have no problem.

He calls me about 3 hours later and says “well, the problem is you need to turn on this fan they have installed, that should keep it cool”. He tells me he’s doing me a favor and says he only charged for half an hour. Not bad.

get to dealership 5 minutes before they close and the guy isn’t there to show me the fan. being someone of incredible inteligence and wit, i locate the fan under the hood and turn it on. just like a computer case fan but a hell of a lot bigger. learn something new everyday.

cut to 10 minutes after i leave the dealership, watching the needle creep up to the H. Fuck. After much screaming, begging a higher power to help me, it cools down and i make it home at a blazing 50 mph.

i go to a Autozone, i want a second opinion. I get there, explain whats going on, explain how im going to burn down Dobbs Ford on Mt Moriah (just so you guys know), and ask him what he thinks might be the problem.

he grabs his rain coat and says “yeah lets take a look”. We pop the hood and he goes “well, yeah here’s your problem, you need fluid in here and in here”. God. I hate troubleshooting so much. So fucking obvious, of course, coolant makes car cool. It’s all so clear now.

I just don’t get how 2 places have looked at this car and NO ONE decided to pop the 2 little caps and see if there was stuff in there. One of these places was a fucking Ford dealership too. I can’t wait to go back there tommorow and have a “talk”.

Anyway, lessons learned today. Cars need coolant to help them stay cool. Dealerships will ALWAYS fuck you. Autozone has good employees. Very good employees. Employees that are helping me get to my job tommorow.

After i close this window 2 e-mails are getting wrote, one telling how Ray at Autozone who saved my life and the asshole at the Ford dealership who spent 30 minutes of his time to pop the hood of my car and go “oh fan, bet this is it”.

Wow writing really is theraputic. Or maybe it’s the whiskey thats making me feel beter.

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